claymore gwen

at long last, a website just for gwen!
with a new year, and every major website getting progressively more unusable, exploitative, and hostile, the only stable way forward is to retreat back to our own personal gardens in the Wired, and this is mine

while i'll still be posting on twitter, and ocasionally other social media platforms, this will be the de facto place to follow me creatively - this is where you'll be able to find most of my visual art, poetry, prose, essays and other long-winded thoughts, and general updates from me. i'll even try to write some blogs, which will be a novel thing for me

the site *is* still somewhat under construction, at least when it comes to uploading all of my stuff. i've only posted a few of my many poems for now, and i might implement other changes here and there, but when i do add new stuff, it'll be announced on this main page. this is where you'll be able to find updates, announcements, and other news, so make sure to check in every now and then
for now though, feel free to explore the website and take a look at what is already here

finally, i have to thank my wonderful friend katey for coding this website for me! i'm very bad at html/css (and most coding, really), so i probably wouldn't have this site without her. check out her website!!

explore other sites! believe in the net!